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Hull City Hall 03/08/19

In response to his brother's dissing of the city, Liam chose Hull as his MTV Unplugged gig location.  The fans, as could be predicted, went wild for the tickets and had an air of pride and excitement about them as they got checked through security into the historic City Hall Venue.

News had spread that mobile phones would not be allowed into the venue, so a mass panic ensued among the social media and 'I was there' hash taggers who would now have to settle for only memories of the gig until it was to be aired later on MTV.  Myself included!


Everyone was handed a green pouch with a security tag, similar to that attached to clothing to stop thieves.  This tag meant that you could not remove your phone from the pouch unless you were in a designated mobile phone area.

How both refreshing and alien it was not to have a mobile phone at hand to capture this momentous gig.

Paul Gallagher's warm up DJ Set went down a storm, as the crowd went wild to Fontaines DC and Stone Roses Classic 'I am The Resurrection'.  


Liam glided onto the stage with his unmistakable Mancunian swagger and belted out Wall of Glass to a massively appreciative crowd and followed this with the punchy Greedy Soul, which went down equally well getting the crowd well and truly in the mood for an amazing gig.

The third track was the melodic, sing along 'Bold', which had the crowd singing with arms in the air.  Followed by the wonderful 'For What Its Worth'. 

The first track that was performed from the new album was a touching song 'Now That I've Found You'  about Liam's daughter Molly... You can watch this below...

Two more live debuts followed with the rebellious 'Why Me, Why Not', inspired by John Lennon and the moving track 'One of Us' about the three Gallagher brothers.  This was beautifully accompanied by the orchestra.

Liam then went on to perform a chilled Bob Marley cover 'Natural Mystic' and then the greatly anticipated moment arrived, when Bonehead walked out on stage to perform Sad Song, Some Might Say and Cast No Shadow alongside Liam, which pleased everyone in the crowd who sand along to every single Oasis lyric with ease.  

Liam then returned to his solo material, performing a live debut of the amazing track 'Once' which had the crowd signing along to the endearingly northern pronunciation of lyrics; 'clean the pewel and send the kids to skewel'.  This was followed by the gritty 'Gone', another live debut with it's rock n roll guitar and lyric.

The show was topped off with two Oasis classics 'Stand by Me' and 'Champagne Supernova', with even those in the seated area all on their feet, arms in the air and signing at the tops of the voices.

Exhilarating, magical and it definitely gave Hull a shake up.  Many fans queued outside afterwards to get the limited edition posters signed that were handed out at the end.  And of course,the ever so respectful Liam delivered, with many a fan posting proud photos of him providing autographs.


Why Hull, Why Not indeed.  It was amazing from start to finish.​

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