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Leamington Spa

16/06/20 - 31/07/20

Located in the heart of Leamington Spa, Snap Galleries can be found at 50 Warwick Street and is currently hosting Michael Spencer Jones's latest exhibition, MASTERPLAN25.  Michael shot the covers for Oasis's first three albums, as well as many of their early single sleeves and The Verve's albums too.  He is in his own right, iconic and will leave an indelible mark on the indie scene having captured each cover shot so beautifully and so artistically that we are all proud to display our vinyl and CD covers as mini pieces of art.  These images are after all, part and parcel of what we know and love about Oasis.   


I went down to Leamington just before the Covid-19 lockdown in March to join Michael at the launch party and I can confirm that there are some absolute gems on display in the exhibition which will keep you gazing into the display cabinet and nostalgically drifting back to the 90's, imagining what it must have been like for Michael to be stood behind the lens, capturing the quirks and energy of those 5 lively lads from Manchester. 


In the exhibition, you will also have the chance to see one of the original deckchairs used to shoot the Roll With It cover on Weston-super-Mare beach  back in 1995, as well as the chair from Bonehead's flat which featured on the cover of Definitely Maybe.  Also on display are the original cameras that Michael used to capture the photographs, alongside fan letters and anecdotes about the band and their escapades while Michael was setting up his shots.  Michael has also re-created the shoot for Oasis's second single cover featuring a retro coffee table, American radio and koosh ball so that you can interact with his work and get what you no doubt came for, The Shaker Maker selfie!  Don't forget that Michael's artwork is for sale, however while I was there, someone did try to buy the 1950's radio from the display as they took quite a shine to it and that is most definitely not for sale ha ha.  For those of you who are interested in Michael's work and the stories behind it, he has limited copies of his book Supersonic: The Oasis Photographs left, but grab these quickly as they are in short supply now.  Also, if you look up towards the ceiling you will see a replica mirror like that from Bonehead's flat, be sure to take in every last detail.

The exhibition is on until the end of July and you will not be disappointed.  Check the website for opening hours and further details at



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